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Mini Tennis

To enable Children to take up Tennis and acquire the correct Techniques and develop tactical understanding of the game, without the risk of physical injury, Mini Tennis is used in a game based environment. The levels used are those recommended in the LTA National Competition Framework.

Mini Tennis  Red    

A scaled down version of Tennis suitable for Children aged 4-8 years, using a sponge ball indoors or a large Red felt ball outdoors. Played over a special net placed across the court, using a 17" to 23" racket.


Mini Tennis Orange 

A scaled down version of Tennis sutable for 8&9 year old children, using a reduced size of court, a lower height of net, a low compression Orange ball and played with a racket between 23" and 25".


Mini Tennis Green 

Suitable for 10 year old Children, played on a full size court, with a full sized net using a lower compression green ball with 25-26" rackets.



Yellow Ball Tennis

Suitable for Children aged 11& over who have progressed through Mini Tennis.


Junior Beginners

Players who have missed out on Mini Tennis, will require considerable work to develop their technique and tactics up to the level required to play competitive Junior Tennis. 

Advanced Juniors

Tennis Coaching and Fitness training for players who are at National or Junior ITF level.

Senior Beginners

Individual or group lessons for people wishing to take up Tennis.

Senior Intermediates

Coaching for players who want to improve their standard of play to participate in Club sessions.

Advanced Players

Tennis Coaching and Fitness training programmes for players who are playing 10K and 15K tournaments.

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Mini Tennis Videos