Advantage Tennis

Want to get Fit and play better Tennis?

Advantage Tennis specialises in Tennis coaching using High Speed Video equipment and fitness/movement training for Tennis players at all levels from Mini Tennis through to professional players.

Physical fitness is fundamental to developing and playing Tennis. You need to be able to position yourself to hit the ball to where you want it to go. You need to be able to recover to a good position quickly to be able to defend when you opponent has made a good shot. If you can move well you can dictate play and therefore your game can develop tactically, if you can't dictate play you will rarely experience the opportunity to develop your tactics and strategies to win matches against advanced players.

A developing player with good Agility, Balance and co-ordination will acquire better Tennis stroke technique faster, as they will be able to place their body in the correct position and therefore execute the stroke in the same way more frequently. The result of this repetition is that the stroke becomes more reliable and less errors will be made in a Tennis match.

It is easier to learn basic and Tennis specific movement patterns without having to hit a ball, once these movement patterns have been acquired they can be integrated into the players Tennis coaching lessons.

iTPA Tennis Performance Trainer (TPT)